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Exim Line AS

Client: Exim Line AS

Industry: Export & Import

Project Duration: Since 2020


Exim Line AS is a prominent company in the export and import sector, dealing with a diverse array of products. We were tasked with creating a comprehensive e-commerce solution that not only showcases over 10,000 products but also integrates seamlessly with their existing CRM system to manage warehouse operations.

Services Provided:

  1. E-Commerce Development:

  – Web Development:Developed a custom e-commerce platform built on WordPress, designed to handle a catalog of over 10,000 products with high efficiency and user-friendly navigation.

   – CRM Integration: Connected the entire CRM system to the e-commerce platform, ensuring seamless synchronization for warehouse management. This integration allows for real-time inventory updates, order management, and enhanced operational efficiency.

   – Performance Optimization: Focused on integration quality and speed performance, which were crucial for handling the large volume of products and ensuring a smooth user experience.

2. Brand Identity Development: Developed a distinctive identity for Exim Line AS that aligns with their corporate values and market positioning, enhancing their brand visibility and recognition in the international market.


The custom e-commerce solution and CRM integration have significantly improved Exim Line AS’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The platform’s performance optimization has enabled the company to manage a vast product range effectively, while maintaining fast response times and high reliability, crucial for their success in the competitive export and import industry.


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