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EkoMarket AS

Client: EkoMarket

Industry: Retail (Eastern European Foods)

Project Duration: Since 2017





EkoMarket is the largest retail chain specializing in Eastern European foods in Norway, boasting 14 stores as of 2024. Our partnership began at the inception of their first store in 2017, and we have provided comprehensive branding and marketing services to facilitate their growth and market penetration.

Services Provided

  1. Brand identity development: Created the entire visual identity for EkoMarket, including logo design, font selection, and a distinctive tone of voice tailored to appeal to Eastern European communities and food enthusiasts.

2. Store profiling and design: Engineered both the interior and exterior designs of the stores, crafting an inviting environment that aligns with the brand’s focus on Eastern European culinary traditions. This includes the development of all store banners and signage.

3. Digital Marketing:

   – Website development: Developed and launched the EkoMarket website, ensuring a user-friendly experience with an emphasis on showcasing Eastern European products.

   – Social media management and campaigns: Executed ongoing social media strategies and targeted advertising campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engage with the Eastern European community in Norway.

   – Photography and videography: Produced high-quality visual content tailored to highlight Eastern European culinary offerings, enhancing promotional and advertising efforts.


– Animation: Created engaging animations that capture the essence of the brand and its products.

4. Product line development: Introduced a private label featuring 24 products, overseeing product naming, positioning, visual identity, and packaging design to ensure alignment with the brand’s Eastern European focus.


Our holistic approach to branding and marketing has significantly contributed to EkoMarket’s status as the leading Eastern European food retailer in Norway. The strategies implemented have been crucial in establishing a robust market presence and expanding to multiple locations.


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